On a local level Interakt has produced 26 episodes of the so called ‘City-talks’ (Stadsgesprekken).

These were live debates about topics important for city-development: traffic, safety, health-care, education and more. The city-talks were mainly held in Amsterdam, but also in Rotterdam and The Hague. Broadcasting was also arranged for four major cities. The city-talks were held by i.a. Hanneke Groenteman, Felix Rottenberg, Steven Sanders and Peter van Ingen. The viewers were able to commentate in the discussion by voice-response telephone, bulletin boards (internet was non-existent then) and videophone. These mediums now may not seem very spectacular, but were high-tech equipment back then. The city-talks were besides interactive television, some of which lasted 2,5 hours, also an important instrument for a modern democracy. The city-talks found a sequel in ‘Land-conversations’ presented by Jan Tromp and made by Andree van Es, Gerard Legebeke, Geert Mak and Max van Weezel.

The conversations were produced in cooperation with local and regional networks with F. Rottenberg, A. Aboutaleb, H. Groenteman, P. van Ingen and S. Sanders