Boxing in South

This is a 4 x 25 minutes long documentary by Roy Dames, Wouter Scheepstra, Interakt en the NTR.

Boxing in South is a four-part documentary series by Roy Dames and Wouter Scheepstra about the (im)possibilities to change the standard of life in Rotterdam-South. Size wise, Rotterdam-South is the biggest deprived area in Holland, and everyone knows it. ‘In south’, as Rotterdam-inhabitants say, a big part of the houses are too small, a quarter of the households has governmental social aid and one out of four boys leave high-school without a diploma. The National Program Rotterdam-South led by Marco Pastors, should improve the situation. In this unique plan’ the government, the municipality of Rotterdam, housing-cooperation, business and education all work together. The goal: to lift South to the same standard of living as the rest of Rotterdam and other big cities in the Netherlands.

Broadcasted: 1, 8, 15 and 22 September 2013, NTS NL2 at 4.30 pm. More info and replay on: