Beyond Index

Beyond Index a film by Dutch artist Gerald van der Kaap, his first feature, an artwork he made especially for the Big Screen. The film revolves around a group of Chinese art students working in a painting factory, where masterpieces from the historical western avant-garde are being copied. When the mysterious YVES (named after Yves Klein) arrives, things start changing. He recites texts by Camus, Klein and Bachelard and introduces the colour blue as if it were an elixir. Maybe to fight the filthy air pollution which is off the charts (beyond index), but more likely an elixir for the mind. Slowly intoxicated by Yves’ words, FANG and the others start dreaming a different reality. 

Writer/director/artist: Gerald van der Kaap

Cinematographers: Yu Likwai, Joewi Verhoeven, Gerald van der Kaap

Music: ÂME (Kristian Rädle / Frank Wiedemann)

Produced by the artist & Interakt Amsterdam

Made possible by the Netherlands Filmfund and the Mondriaan Fund.