Ballad of Ilf and Petrov

A film by Tom d'Angremond about communism and capitalism through the eyes of a Russian writing duo from the thirties. To what extent has there been some change in the past eighty years?

This film investigates two nations, seen throught the eyes of tho artists from the previous century, Deze film onderzoekt twee naties, gezien door de ogen van twee kunstenaars uit de vorige eeuw, tested by the filmmaker in the here and now. The communal voice of Ilf and Petrov becomes alive through a monologue interieur, spoken by one of the best actors of Russia: Sergej Yurski.

The film takes place in the East Block. Factory workers, taxi drivers, bartenders, smal or big entrepeneurs, scientists and artists: everyone will recognize something of his own through the tragicomical and sharp vision of Ilf and Petrov. Our Leitmotiv is the fictional hero Ostap Bender, recognizable to every Russian: the most complex and satisfactory role that actor Sergej Yurski has ever played. This Ostap Bender character is the ultimate metaphor for the failure of communism.