A long fight

Soldiers for Freedom is a unique story about three generations of Dutch UN veterans: father, son and grand-son Rietdijk, who each have been involved with a series of UN military actions.

The experiences of grand-father Aat during World War Two in labour-camp Zöchen (where he worked as convict) fuelled his motivation to sign-up for the war in Korea, which marked the beginning of a ‘military’ family-tradition. Where Korea marked Aat Rietdijk’s temporary military service, professional soldier Wim, volunteered for the UN mission in Lebanon. Grandson Peter, the youngest ‘veteran’ and also professional soldier, served in former Yugoslavia i.a.

Director and scenario: Sjaak Vlaming
Camera: Paul Cohen
Sound: Martijn van Haalen
Editor: Jos Driessen
Production: Judith Paauw
Producer: René Mendel