The Bauhaus project

The Bauhaus project is a film by Pieter Verhoeff and students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie

It is almost a hundred years since the Bauhaus was founded in Germany; a new art school with a completely new educational model. The impact extends to today. The Bauhaus thought a balance between art and economy was possible, but now the economy seems to have swallowed the art. It is this tension that also forms the basis for this project. Do the ideals of the Bauhaus still have meaning today? Can inspiration still be found at the Bauhaus for thinking about contemporary interrelationship between social use and creative freedom?

In the film director Pieter Verhoeff leaves answering that question to students of the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy. Three students of the Audiovisual Department will make film portraits of three students from other departments who, in their work or in their minds, feel affinity with the Bauhaus tradition. In what way is the Bauhaus heritage reflected in what they do now? In addition, in these portraits - for both the makers and their subjects - the relationship between contemporary art and design and the current economic reality will be central. How do these worlds relate nowadays? Based on the work of the students the assignment that Bauhaus imposed to itself, will be discussed within the context of the current discussions about art and society.