180 Why are you here?

Amsterdan is the home for 180 different nationalities. But do these people feel at home?

For this documentary director Marjolijn Frijling meets 179 'Amsterdammers' who are born in another country. Everyone of them made a drastic change in their lives. They leaved their home country where everything is familiar to start a life in Holland.

The question 'why are you here?' is asked to people from another country living in Amsterdam on a daily basis. Even Frijling asks this to herself occasionaly. Even though she is born in The Netherlands, she has lived in more than 20 different places in different countries. She loves Amsterdam, but doesn't know where her 'home' is. Together with the other 179 nationalities she will discover the good and bad things about living in Amsterdam. With this documentary, she will try to find where her home is.